Joanna Horton McPherson
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"Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances." 
Sanford Meisner
Joanna specializes in teaching the Meisner technique, which is an "emotional honesty" approach to acting created by Sanford Meisner. The approach focuses on acting with honesty and authenticity.  Learning the craft of acting is a difficult but rewarding personal journey; students develop a reliability and confidence that sets them apart and can change their lives.

Joanna's classes are set in a supportive learning environment. Groups are small in order to develop actors' trust in taking risks and opening up.
Classes are held twice weekly in 2-3 hour sessions. No experience necessary: a willingness to try a must!

Next classes are held in Phoenix AZ. Contact for details.
Joanna founded Horton Actors Studio where she trained hundreds of students to work in stage, film and television. Many have representation and some move on to larger film markets throughout the country.  In addition to teaching actors, Joanna trains teaching artists and facilitates workshops for devised work.  In workshops, students tell their stories and develop performances for stage and film which Joanna produces and directs. Her studio has partnered with filmmakers to make short films with her students that have gone on to win festivals and awards. 

Joanna currently lives in Costa Rica and teaches workshops and classes online.
Introduction to Acting  • Meisner Technique  •  Audition Training • Scene Study