Joanna Horton McPherson
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T e s t i m o n i a l s
"She left us with a performance that floored us."
We auditioned actors but once the director (Pat) saw Joanna's audition for 315 Films' "Remedy," no one else really had a chance. She appeared on set ready to go, incredibly professional and detail-oriented. She took direction well and left us with a performance that floored us, and will soon floor audiences.  I would highly recommend Joanna for any director or producer looking for an actress - she's guaranteed to make them and their project look better.     - Tim Ritter, Producer
"I wouldn't have had the confidence to move to LA..."
After a decade of acting classes in Florida and New York City, I finally found a class as a firm foundation to grow upon - not only as an actor but as a human being. Without Jo's guidance, teaching and passion, I would not have had the confidence to move out here to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of being a successful actor.    - Patrick Barry, Actor
"Working with Joanna has been tremendous."
Joanna's focus is on cutting through the layers of fluff and getting to your genuine impulses. Working with Joanna has been tremendous for my work, in my relationships with others and with myself. Joanna expects nothing but the truth.  
Whitney Johns, Actor / Model
"The technique makes me truthful, organic and open."
I have gained so much from Joanna’s program. Joanna creates a safe environment of support and is amazingly giving with her students.The emotional honesty technique makes me organic, truthful and open - I love how much it helps me grow as an actress among other talented actors. I feel blessed to work with her.   - Mildred Aldaya Paderweski, Actor
"I won Best Actress...thank you!"
Thank you to Joanna for coaching me! I can’t believe I won “Best Actress” out of the competition of 750 films internationally - it still doesn’t feel real. Working with you has been fun - I got an agent, booked a Disney commercial, and I’ve learned a lot at the acting studio.                 – Shelby Sporl, Actress
"Joanna C Horton has an extraordinary, intuitive ability to be able to see inside a person and extract a talent they might never have known they had!"

  - Suzanne Fallon, student